From Sneakers & Supreme to Selling Out: Wear? talks with Worldwide Youth about their first drop, vision & more

IMG_5202There’s a lot of tough love in streetwear. Many won’t support smaller brands that have no foundation in the fashion world while people will flock to the latest Supreme garm. That’s exactly what Dylan Grails (@dylangrails) used to do. A trusted reseller of Supreme items on Instagram, with more than 2,000 followers, the owner of clothing brand Worldwide Youth (@worldwide.youth) decided to go it alone.

“I’ve been into clothes and shoes for awhile just selling them and flipping Supreme for a quick profit,” Dylan told us, “I felt like what I was doing, selling Supreme was fun but I didn’t see it going anywhere.”

With so many resellers around nowadays, Dylan is probably right, yet he had a strong enough following to find another avenue.

“Instagram really helped expand that [reselling] for me and one day I just decided that I wanted to start a brand. The idea of making my own brand never came into my mind but as soon as it did I just ran with it,” he said.

Two months after that idea, Worldwide Youth appeared. The brand that states ‘our youth is the future’ aims to spread a strong message as well as create ‘dope’ clothing.

“Our message? I really just want to project love and positivity and help people come out of their shell to do what they want and not give a fuck what anyone else thinks.” – Dylan Grails, from Worldwide Youth.

If the first drop was anything to go by, people support the brand. A sell-out time of four minutes was recorded for the collection inspired by Italy.

The drop featured one t-shirt design and one crewneck design. A large sketch of an image of the Venician canals off-centered on the t-shirt with the caption ‘YOUTH GIOVANE’, ‘Giovane’ being the Italian translation of ‘youth’, demonstrated the brand’s inspiration and identity. A more subtle design for the crewneck offered more identity than the former, as the word ‘YOUTH’ and globe logo combined to complete the piece.

The designs struck a cord with Dylan’s following and with only one modelled image of the crewneck, 100 pieces sold out almost instantly.

Dylan said: “The vision of Worldwide Youth is mainly just dropping dope clothes for cheap that everyone can afford. So far we’ve had one drop “Italy collection” and it went super well.

“I’m sure there are people like me who are just as capable to make a dope clothing brand but usually it’s the people around them or their internal thoughts that are holding them back. Self-awareness is key and I want to inspire people, anything is possible. It sounds insanely cliche but it’s the honest truth! It’s all about perspective and self-love.”

The aforementioned aim to keep prices affordable bucks the current streetwear trend with the standard pricing range of basic t-shirts costing upwards of £40. Worldwide Youth retailed their first drop for $20, with global shipping at half of that price.

Yet, after drop one’s success, there was not the time to rest. Work is already underway for the future with Japan the next source of inspiration.

“The Second drop is the “Japan collection” so obviously you can see where this is going in terms of what we represent. We are planning to drop a collection for every country that holds some sort of significance to the brand and the youth.”

The upcoming graphic features anime, a deep part of Japanese culture, while the brand tests the creative flexibilities of the customer with colour distorted images with the anime character given negative colouring.

When asked how the preparation for drop two was going, Dylan told Wear?: “It’s going great! We’ve just showcased two shirts that’ll be dropping in our Japan collection and so far the feedback is super good. It’s definitely a change from our last drop but people seem to like it. Also going to be showcasing hoodies and shoulders as well as a free gift on each order soon.”

With more inspired designs coming, free gifts, hoodies and shoulders bags, everything’s going in the right direction for Worldwide Youth and the vision and brand ethos comes fresh at a time where the big names rule the industry. The only thing Wear? want more is a UK inspired drop, oh wait, they’ve got that in the plan as well. “We most definitely plan on doing some UK oriented stuff as well. We have received a lot of love from the UK.”

Dylan Grails speaking for Worldwide Youth to Wear? Magazine. 

Images courtesy of Worldwide Youth (worldwide.youth).

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