IMG_5358 In the first monthly Wear? Magazine featured brand post, Worldwide Youth takes the crown.

The American brand recently dropped its second line of clothing, following the success of its debut collection.

The ‘Italy’ range sold out in the first four minutes of its release and Worldwide Youth, founded by Dylan Grails, has gone from strength to strength since then.

At the time of the ‘Italy’ drop, the brand had a base of around 2,000 followers on Instagram, yet the night of the ‘Japan’ collection, the following sits at over 5,000 people.

Such impressive growth hasn’t gone unnoticed and Wear? Magazine interviewed the brand following its solid first collection.

The advancements made ahead of their second drop were superb too. Operating with a stronger, more consistent presence on Instagram, Worldwide Youth’s message continued to spread.

“‘Worldwide Youth’ represents the youth around the world. As a collective, we plan to drop collections based on every country/city that holds some sort of significance to us.”

Sourcing inspiration from Japanese anime as well as retaining strong branding on a number of their products, Worldwide Youth produced six items, three designs and an alternating black and white colour flow.

The Japan drop followed the success of Worldwide Youth’s first release as it sold out. The six products gone and shipped within 48 hours of consumer purchase. The designs were unique and people noticed and supported this.

An intense work ethic from Dylan ahead of the drop was followed by an incredible desire to please customers after it.

Yet, it isn’t just about clothing for Dylan and Worldwide Youth. The energy of love and putting others on with no charge is strong within the brand, who often use Instagram stories to share positivity.

“It’s all about value and bringing value to other people. Attention is the currency.” 

Instead of focusing on themselves and revolving their following around what they are doing, Worldwide Youth have taken time to link with other people, support them and follow others path whilst continuing their own.

A standout brand during the month of September earned Worldwide Youth the first ever Wear? Magazine ‘Featured Brand of the Month’ accolade and long may its prosperous growth and success continue.

Images courtesy of Worldwide Youth (@worldwide.youth)

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