5 stand-out pieces from Pleasures ‘Holiday: Artificial Romance’ Collection

From human anatomy to channeling 1994 vibes, Pleasures released their ‘Artificial Romance’ drop as part one of the ‘Holiday’ Collection.

The brand, that have teased a collaboration with Adidas, have pushed the boundaries of streetwear since their creation, and, while part one of their recent release isn’t as hard-hitting as some of their past products, it still stands out as unique.

Here’s five items that caught Wear? Magazine’s eye:


Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 20.47.26

White shirts don’t often make the cut in streetwear, but Pleasures have found a way to make a high-fashion piece more wearable.

With a faceless man printed over the buttoned centre and heavy black branding, the ‘Ghost Button Up’ also provides a message down the sleeve: ‘I no longer know who I am, and I feel like the ghost of a total stranger’.

100% cotton poplin button up and a relaxed fit at $84 is an investment, but a good one at that.


Custom printed denim is becoming more and more common within streetwear and Pleasures have added their own twist into the mix.

With white patterning all over the fabric, the jeans are certainly unique within the fashion industry and are a statement piece.

Furthermore, the embroidered branding and tapered fit add more individual value to an already immensely creative item.


From the loud Paisley Denim Pants to a product that anyone could wear. The Killafornia t-shirt is a simple graphic tee with strong branding.

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 20.49.35.png

Printed in the US, the piece features a sketched image of desert wasteland with a round border while Pleasures branding stands at the forefront of the t-shirt.

Sizes small, x-large and xx-large have already sold-out which shows the popularity of the graphic.


It’s cold out now and the Deep Pile Coach Jacket is an item that would provide the warmth over the winter months.

Described having a relaxed, cosy fit and coming in black or cream, the Sherpa jacket has subtle 3D Pleasures branding across the front and back of it.

It’s an essential item as the temperatures drop to their coldest.


Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 20.50.50

The perfect layering piece, the Good Time Sweater takes it back to 1994 with a retro vibe both in blue and black.

A relaxed knit with centred branding, the sweater ties in a number of colours used elsewhere in the Pleasures collection, bringing it all together in the only knitted item in the release.


Images courtesy of Pleasures.

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