Wear? Reviews: Congro Store’s ‘Trap & Emotional Sh*t’ t-shirt

_CAM0423Putting quotations on any t-shirt always runs the risk of dividing opinion, yet there’s always a market for them, and always people that will relate to the message.

Congro Store ran the risk for their first drop, yet they came in hard with a basic ‘Trap & Emotional Shit’ t-shirt, a tee that is simple but carries a deeper meaning.

Ryan Nestor, the founder of Congro Store, needed something him and his friends could wear and found the perfect design on his old Tumblr.

“The idea came about when a few of us were chilling and I was like ‘remember our Tumblr account?’. We started to look through them because we hadn’t posted on it in ages and I came across ‘Trap & Emotional Shit’ which I posted in 2015 and thought it would be sick on a t-shirt. 

“The meaning behind the saying is that there are always two sides to something which usually contrast. People will bang trap music but will also sit down with their family for Sunday dinner. It’s kind of a juxtaposition”

The tee, that releases on 1 December 2018, was sent to Wear? Magazine ahead of next months drop, here’s what we think of it:


Plain black with embroidered white text, the design of the ‘Trap & Emotional Shit’ tee is simple and minimalistic.

It plays to its strength, though, as the minimalist design can be worn in almost every ‘streetwear’ occasion, Wear? doesn’t recommend turning up to a job interview in this piece.

“With the shirt I wanted it to be something that me and my boys would wear, so something simple and not over the top.” Ryan Nestor.

As important as Congro Store’s strong design, which Ryan expects to release in more colours than just the original black before moving onto new designs, the t-shirt has custom labels, an essential for start-up brands.

The tee is subtle but stand-out.


With a plain black design, the options for styling are endless, yet the mentioning of ‘trap’ brings its own style.

A Playboi Carti-esque theme would suit the tee, with ripped black denim matching the tone of the shirt. A pair of Vlone x Testing trousers would also work if you can acquire the rare item.

Similarly to Cash Carti’s style, a long-sleeve undershirt in white could also be added.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Acknowledging that some people in the streetwear scene won’t strike a chord with the message Congro Store are pushing, a lot will and we do.

Simple and genius, all emanating from a 2015 Tumblr post. Congro Store should check their archives again for more fire as well following the hyped release of this first item.

Shop the ‘Trap & Emotional Shit’ tee here, releasing 1/12/18.

Thank you to Congro Store for sending this product to Wear? Magazine. 

Images courtesy of Congro Store (@congrostore).

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