“Less is more, real is rare, designs will stay cold and we stay flair”: Wear? Magazine interviews QVS Culture

Born from the streets of Nottingham, having expanded into the London scene, QvS Culture are on the rise producing creative content from the upcoming generation.

Bringing lifestyle and culture together, the father brand QvS – a label with other creative establishments working under its name – aims to push a movement, from the clothing they produce to the lifestyle they lead.

Young designer Nick Quartz is at the centre of QVS’ creation along with entrepreneur Jamie Stevens and their first project took shape in the form of High Quarterz.

Nick tells Wear? Magazine: “Specialising in tracksuits and matching sets, hand sewn from the heart of Nigeria, we have created a tracksuit niche full of flavour and individualism.

“High Quarterz SS19 designs are in process and samples will be released soon consisting of a velour tracksuit collection, football jerseys and tech pouches.”

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As the first brand under the QvS label, High Quarterz currently represents the vision of Nick and Jamie’s creation.

“We aim to bring the streets quality. Fits which do the talking for the individuals that don’t always have something to say! Less is more, real is rare, designs will stay cold and we stay flare”

Quality in the form of two-piece tracksuits that stand out, unique from anything else available, has certainly helped High Quarterz make a statement. Using Instagram as their main form of communication, the label push a consistent message and produce premium products.

Yet, QvS and High Quarterz mean more than just marketing. A culture of chasing dreams is ingrained into the entrepreneurs behind it, who are looking to spread this mindset as well as sell clothing.

“The world is what you make it and it’s never too late to be the writer of your life book. You want something? Get it and don’t look back because life’s too short to be dwelling on the ones that didn’t believe.”

The script that QvS are writing for themselves is one of high quality and class, and with SS19 in the process, they’re in a confident mood that the streets are going to click with their latest products.

Made up of velour tracksuits, jersey matching sets, pouches and an exclusive bathrobe, the label are bringing more heat and a variety of products to the industry.

“Everyone needs some High Quarterz, the streetwear brand specialising in tracksuits and matching sets. Perfect for style and comfort. When the clothes scream quality, the streets scream “I need this”.

“High Quarterz SS19 is gonna be the best we’ve had yet, felt by the real of the streets.”

The brand takes a lot of consideration for the way their clothing will be perceived by the streets, placing a large emphasis on individuality as a result.

QvS state that individuality is key, but having loyalty and like-minded people involved with the label adds further qualities.

“Individuality is essential and so is independence, but that doesn’t mean being on your own.  Knowing you can get your thing done is nice but you gotta have people around you that make the dream work. Shoutout to those people all day.”

It’s not just people where they get their inspiration from. The label takes the best details from across the world to improve their creations.

Inspired by the UK streetwear scene, QvS also incorporate handsewn patterns from Nigeria as well as nods to the Californian clothing sphere.

Taking qualities from all variations of fashion, QvS and High Quarterz have found themselves in their own niche, set to flourish, and their latest collection will prove to be evidence of this.

When 2019 rolls around, QvS will stand in good stead for a highly impressive year and Wear? Magazine can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Nick Quartz speaking for QvS Culture to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of QvS Culture (@qvs.culture).


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