Wear? Reviews: Les Gens ‘Horror’ t-shirt

Aiming to create a stream of designs that cover many areas of life, Les Gens Clothing have delved into the movie scene, creating the ‘Horror’ tee as part of Drop 2.

Les Gens, French for ‘The People’, are founded from the uncertainty surrounding who they are and aim to represent this in their clothing,

“We wanted to cover loads of different areas such as film, music, TV etc that incorporate pixelated figures, making it uncertain who exactly they are, similar to what we feel we are as a brand.”

The inspiration behind the ‘Horror’ tee comes from old-school movie posters, films such as Wicker Man and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Yet, Les Gens, instead of just imitating a poster like many streetwear brands before them, the brand have managed to incorporate the anonymity and uncertainty that forms such a huge part of the label.

“The brand wanted to try and create something that felt like a movie poster from that era [Wicker Man era], that also had the credits underneath, there are different translations of the people for directed by, produced by etc as another little touch to tie it back to our brand.”

Les Gens launched Drop 2 on 14/12/18 and Wear? Magazine was gifted the ‘Horror’ tee ahead of the release, here’s how we rate it:


Printed on black and white t-shirts, the ‘Horror’ tee gives the people a taste of Les Gens interpretation of the movie scene.

Bold red branding, the only bright colour on the whole design, provides Les Gens with some stand-out branding and brings attention to the label.

Incorporating uncertainty, the design blurs the faces of many of the characters within the movie poster to demonstrate ‘The People’s’ lack of meaning and direction.

The ‘Horror’ tee has the words ‘Who are they? What are they doing here? We will soon find out…’ creating intrigue about what’s to come from the brand in reference to this statement.


The ‘Horror’ tee comes oversized so brings its own challenges in terms of styling. Coming in white and a black, the red branding allows for red trousers in what would be a bold fit.

The oversized nature of the fabric means that any trousers too baggy could clash badly. Yet, the mystic graphics paired with some black trousers and shoes would create and dark fit.

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LES GENS Horror T-Shirt. Out this Friday 8pm. 14.12.18

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Wear or don’t care?

Wear. The difference in Wear? Magazine’s attitude towards this movie poster graphic and others is incredible, all because Les Gens have taken time to create their own mood as oppose to taking another person’s work and sticking their logo over the top of it.

The design is unique and the oversized fit works perfectly and provides a strong aesthetic.

Shop the ‘Horror’ tee here, out now.

Thank you to Les Gens for sending this product to Wear? Magazine. 

Images courtesy of Les Gens (@lesgensclothing).

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