From start-up to Selfridges: Wear? Magazine interviews Corella LDN

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 15.14.13It’s not often a brand new label manages to find itself launching straight into the storefront of one of the UK’s biggest retailers, yet Corella LDN have done exactly that.

“There’s something really surreal about designs going from screen to shop floor. Especially to somewhere like Selfridges. But at the same time, we’re already very much focused on the future.”

The brand, owned by Charles Gay, has begun its lifespan with a meteoric rise into Selfridges and after launching on 7/12/18, it’s only just the beginning.

Working under the LDN Fashion label, Corella have collaborated with models such as Millie Hannah and Michael Sabuni during what was a busy pre-launch period for the brand. All eyes were set on Selfridges.

“It was such a natural process. I think it was a mix of timing and having that specific look they wanted at the time,” Charles told Wear? Magazine.

Meeting the demands of one of the UK’s powerhouses in Selfridges would be tough for an unfocussed label, but Corella’s vision aligned with the store’s requirements and the brand found themselves producing original designs to be put straight out onto display.

“They wanted one garment in a particular colourway but everything else was bought as we presented it. It felt great that someone with the prestige of Selfridges loved the product.”

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 15.13.16

Yet, Corella isn’t stopping at the storefront. Owner Charles Gay believes that his label can be the one to bridge the gap between unattainable prices and streetwear, producing high quality branded garments in the name of fashion’s underground.

“My ultimate aim is for people to go onto our website or see us in store and think “That’s what I’ve been looking for…” We want to give the high priced, unattainable fashion pieces to the masses. Hitting the right trends at a fair price.”

With a range of products, consumers are likely to stop and think, just as Charles wants them to. Corella covered a range of trends within their first drop and touched on a topic of debate.

Football shirts within fashion is a widely disputed subject. An anti-jersey mob feel they have no place in streetwear, with Magnus Ronning among these, yet Corella took the plunge, knowing that if you nail the trend, people will purchase.

“If you’re about hitting the most relevant trends and doing them well, I don’t think anything can be purposely ignored just because it splits opinion.”

Screenshot 2018-12-17 at 15.13.41

“We cannot ignore the sports/leisure arc that’s going on at the moment…we’d be doing the brand a disservice.”

Corella LDN certainly didn’t do the movement a disservice, with two stellar pieces in stand-out colours, with foregrounded branding across the front.

Adding to the movement, Corella bring unique and creative designs to streetwear and represent this, often disregarded area of fashion, on the shop floor of Selfridges. And, if you thought the brand had any plans to rest on it’s initial success, think again.

“We work hard and we won’t ever rest in our laurels. We’re dedicated to the quality of our finished product.”

Charles Gay speaking for Corella LDN to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Corella LDN (@corellaLDN).


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