Wear? Reviews: Scene Worldwide’s ‘DASH’ t-shirt

Creating two pieces with heavy links to the culture, Scene Worldwide burst into the fashion realm with a stand out Kardashian/Jenner-themed design.

The second drop of the brand’s winter releases, created with a “heavy influence of popular imagery”, features a picture of the world-famous Kardashian/Jenner sisters celebrating Kylie’s 21st birthday.

The image went viral on social media, with the famous five together as one, and Scene have incorporated the culturally-weighted photo impressively in their debut design.

Streetwear enthusiasts may question why the Kardashians have been placed at the centre of Scene’s branding, and Joe Firth, Scene’s owner, has answers.

“They have the culture on lock as some of the most powerful and influential people in the world, incredibly successful business figures.”

jonah station 1

And from a design aspect, the reasons for the pictures use are of further importance.

“The vibrancy of the colours against the black tee makes the graphic stand-out. Neon and bright colours are very popular at the moment, and pink is becoming more and more prevalent in men’s streetwear.

“Also, the use of pink/Kardashians is Scene’s beginning of becoming a unisex streetwear brand, hoping to attract female supporters also.”

The nod to current trends and the whole market, as opposed to designing for a specific gender demonstrates Scene’s connection to the fashion industry.

Wear? Magazine was able to get ahold of the label’s debut design, here’s what we thought of it:


Embedding an iconic photo of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters partying into the brand name provides Scene with a subtle yet distinctive design.

The photograph, taken on Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday, is one of the most famous Instagrams of the modern era. All the sisters have a big role in the current culture, whether people like it or not.

Scene Worldwide pays homage to the Kardashian-Jenner’s importance, developing them into a key part of their early production.

The design is simple, however, it carries special weight with everyone in modern society able to distinguish the faces behind the logo.


With such a simple design, styling isn’t an issue. The black tee can be worn with pretty much anything.

Yet, the little colour on the t-shirt is vibrant and Kylie Jenner’s pink outfit would connect the Supreme x Nike neon pink tracksuit very well.

The tee has a tight collar that allows for an oversized fit.

hard 5 my g

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. The iconic photo and simplicity make this tee almost impossible not to like. Furthermore, the Kardashian’s divided opinion making people more than willing to connect with the t-shirt.

Opinion fuels fashion and Scene’s ‘Dash’ design creates them.

Shop the ‘DASH’ t-shirt, out now.

Thank you to Scene Worldwide for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Scene Worldwide (@sceneworldwide).

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