Wear? Reviews: SoStressd’s ‘STATIC’ t-shirt

When creating a documentary of the creative energies of an individual, there’s only really one place to start: a television screen.

Beginning in the place where documentaries are broadcast, Sostressd have managed to publish their first message to society through the medium of a t-shirt.

“We believe, as a society, we have been programmed to think and act a certain way.

“One reason we used a TV is that film is one of the main ways of documentation. Since the brand focuses on documenting raw and unfiltered emotion, it was most appropriate.”

The ‘STATIC’ tee, that dropped in white on the 19.1.19, is the brand’s way of suggesting society has been brainwashed by screens and comes as a stance against the norm.

Wear? Magazine received the Sostressd design before it was launched in the Phase 1 drop, here’s what we thought of it:


The background behind the design is so well thought and portrayed on the garment that the idea can only be applauded.

Getting the idea from their brains onto a physical product, Sostressd have created a meaningful image, one that makes the wearer question society more.

Completing the design is a contextual film-like message printed on the lower back of the t-shirt, stating: ‘The following content has been approved for all audiences’. This message creates cohesion between the t-shirt and the brand name.

With Sostressd being founded as a creative outlet from stress, those behind the brand acknowledge that ‘all audiences’ undergo mental struggles.


The greyscale distorted graphic favours grey trousers lower down in the fit but with the colour palette mainly consisting of black and white, black trousers are most suitable.

The brand’s models connect ripped denim jeans to the distorted TV screen.

Any colour would distract from the deeper meanings behind the design yet a long sleeve shirt worn under the tee would work with Sostressd’s product slightly oversized.

Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 17.25.12.png

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Not only is this Phase 1 t-shirt providing a sense of togetherness for those undergoing mental hardship, but it’s also pushing an anti-establishment agenda that is easy to connect with.

Sostressd have created a product with profound deeper meaning and this alone creates interest in their design.

Furthermore, the nod to ‘youth culture’ shows an astute awareness of the people that are most likely to relate to their movement.

Shop the ‘STATIC’ t-shirt, out now.

Thank you to Sostressd for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Sostressd (@sostressd).

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