Keep your eyes on these brands: Wear? Magazine interviews Graham Rono

Things can change quickly in life and for Graham Rono, his entry into the streetwear world happened rapidly

He was shopping in Edjer when Chuck, a photographer in the store, approached him and asked him if he’d be willing to model. Things had changed just like that.


Since his first shoot in April, Graham has gone on to build his portfolio and following on Instagram, with constant posts on his personal whilst appearing for many other brands, The Hood Lab and Dark Circle to name a few.

“Modelling is going well, I’m still trying to get myself out there and do my thing. The industry has taught me a lot about how people behave and I’m still learning about the process. I now know that self-confidence is key.”

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One thing that stands-out on Graham’s Instagram is his style. The ability to pair underground streetwear with concepts and looks connected to high fashion comes easily to him.

“I’d say my style is a combination of the late 80’s/90’s vintage clothing with a modern day twist. A lot of my style sense comes from watching classic urban movies or remakes of a different time.”

The inspiration doesn’t stop at a film screen, though.

“I like having different types of people around me with different mindsets and creativity. Also, visiting museums and going to art exhibitions to get a different angle on things and seeing a different picture.”

Learning from his past, youthful fashion errors, Graham has refined a unique look, one that is sure to influence the dress-sense of others. Yet, he himself isn’t following trends because of others.

“I feel that if I like the brand or the trend I’d push it because I like it, not because I want to feel part of the social community.”

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As a Director of Reborn London, Graham has found himself a part of the underground streetwear community and despite his links to the brand, it hasn’t stopped him putting others on.

“There are a few brands to look out for, Reborn London, along with one(6)one and Genesis Studios.

“You always know which brand is popping by the number of people talking about it and who’s wearing what. For me, I like being unconventional but if a trend sticks out to me I’d look into it.”

And others should look into what Graham likes. His style and judgement is spot on whilst he’s also embedded into the culture. With plans to become an editor whilst boosting his international modelling portfolio, people need to pay attention to Graham Rono.

Graham Rono speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Graham Rono (@grahamrono).

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