If your thought-process was a streetwear label: Wear? Magazine interviews Visionary Studios

Fashion has always been a representation of society and the common phrase ‘you are what you wear’ often rings true. Yet, you would be forgiven for thinking a brand formed in avoidance of buying a girlfriend a birthday present could never reflect your outlook on life, but Visionary Studios does just that.

The label, created by George Currell just under two years ago, has developed into a reflection of teenage angst and the youth’s thought process since its early beginnings.

“I was going out with a girl and didn’t want to spend too much money on her birthday, so, I made this hoodie with a PartyNextDoor lyric on it to get brownie points for creativity while remaining a cheapskate.

“I ended up posting it online and quite a few people liked the design so I started to sell clothes.”

This cheapskate mentality made money, yet, Visionary Studios’ growth has taken him a long way away from those original PND lyrics.

“I despise the hoodies and tees now because they’re so wet and not like anything I’d release nowadays.”

Instead, the label has become a mouthpiece for his generation’s frustrations. Visionary Studios’ clothing is often sarcastic and thought-provoking, making people question their own livelihoods.

Items such as the ‘Internet Addiction’ and ‘I LOVE MY 9-5’ hoodies push people to think about the system they are trapped within.

George believes that the label’s supporters are in tune with the issues the brand alludes to because everyone is dealing with them, which is why Visionary Studios has been successful; the consumers connect with the clothing.

“The brand touches on certain topics because they’re thought-provoking but I’d never say that it’s anti-establishment.

“You need a government to regulate a country but I, like a lot of people, just seem to be pointing out obvious flaws within the establishment.”

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 17.18.36

This intrinsic empathy towards the issues young people are coping with has seen the likes of FourJonah and Felix Spooner relate with the label.

“They’re both blessed guys and they seem to like supporting the London scene with all the other brands they’ve done shoots for.

“It means a lot [to see them wear VS] because they must get a lot of DMs from shit brands, so it’s reassuring to see that they’re willing to work with my label.”

It seems that Visionary Studios has utilised it’s London roots to connect with key figures in the fashion realm. And, it’s not just networking that the UK’s capital offers the brand.

George says that the capital, along with his hometown Aylesbury, provides a lot of creative energy.

“The label is inspired by brutalist architecture, like the Aylesbury Council Building and The Barbican in London, as well as two-faced politicians, day-to-day emotions and the fear of failure.”

The internet also forms a key part of the brand’s direction with Visionary Studios often adding their own twist to trending memes.

“I’m an avid internet user so if I find something funny that can be made into a non-corny Visionary Studios meme then I’ll probably edit it and repost it.

“I think it’s important to show that we aren’t just this anti everyone fuck-off brand.”

And, George, along with his label, will carry a similar attitude throughout 2019. The brand aims to expand its portfolio of products, with ‘Internet Addiction’ jeans and joggers expected to drop soon.

The focus is on growth and enhancement while remaining true to its foundations. By the end of 2019, expect Visionary Studios to have put Aylesbury on the map, reflect all your opinions on the world and, most extraordinarily, have developed into the brand that “makes you want to kick over your own nan”.

George Currell on behalf of Visionary Studios speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Visionary Studios (@visionarystudiosuk).

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