Drop overview: All the releases from One(6)One’s ‘Drop 3HREE’

Following the previous drop successes and a pop-up collaboration with Alpha Dbn in Coventry, UK brand One(6)One have produced a strong range for their third collection.

With sweatshirts and t-shirts donning their logo, the label has furthered their product range with caps, hats and bags this drop.

One(6)One have produced six products, all carrying strong branding while certain aspects of their range provide a nod to English culture.

Here what One(6)One’s ‘Drop 3hree’ has to offer.

One(6)One “British Bulldog” hoodie

With a relaxed, oversized fit, the first item featured in One(6)One’s drop list is the “British Bulldog” hoodie.

Black-out with the brand’s logo printed on the front, a classic British staple, the bulldog figures in front of the label’s highly recognisable world graphic.

One(6)One “Rifle” tee

From English culture to a more American design, the heavyweight “Rifle” tee, similarly to the aforementioned hoodie, features One(6)One’s logo outlined in black on the white garment prominent on the front.


It’s on the reverse side where this item really becomes unique with a large, metallic rifle printed on the back. The tee is made in Morocco and printed in the UK.

One(6)One “Old English” utility pouch

Made from waterproof Cordura nylon, the label’s interpretation of this pouch appears as a heavy duty, durable pouch.

The bag has two compartments and comes in a sleek black colour making the white text branding stand out even more impressively.

One(6)One “Old English” tailwind cap

Following the velcro branding placed on the utility pouch, the tailwind cap pushing the material boat out even further with a rubber patch embroidered on to the waterproof nylon.

The label has experimented further replacing the traditional velcro adjuster with an elasticated toggle at the rear of the design.

One(6)One “Classic Logo” tote bag

In the shape of a classic tote, the “Classic Logo” takes it back to basics with a simple branded tote.

With the logo printed over the majority of the bag, the brand name circles round to complete a One(6)One staple piece.

One(6)One “Laser Target” sweatshirt

Lastly, the “Laser Target” item. Branded in a representation of a target, this sweatshirt perhaps provides the most variation on One(6)One’s logo.

On a grey fabric, the target highlights the ‘6’ in red while the rest of the embroidery features in white.

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