More fire from the Manchester scene: Wear? Magazine interviews Triple B

Manchester’s streetwear scene is on fire right now. The HoodLab and Gramm are leading the way with Skitzo Worldwide, Wear? Magazine’s featured brand of April 2019, and Comme Je Veux providing further heat from the city.

Many other brands are making statements as well, and one of those is Triple B.

“It feels amazing to be in such a creative city, the energy is amazing, with all the brands coming out of here I get the energy of “we have a point to prove”.”

The label portrays their point with a range of military-inspired garments. Their focus on quality is clear to see and the Instagram slogan “HIGH-TECH VESTS FOR WHOM APPRECIATE DESIGN” says it boldly.

Having released five collections since their beginnings in 2015, Triple B has established a strong community, based around their distinguishable vests.

“Military wear and the utilitarian aesthetic Triple B is known for is one that came naturally, coming from an area (inner-city Manchester, Moss Side Hulme area) where authorities were everywhere you’d go.

Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 15.17.00

“Without realising this, they left a mark on me as a creative, I began to play with these notions of uniforms and their linear approaches and flipped it on its head and made uniform-wear leisure, I guess as a massive middle finger to the authorities.”

The anti-establishment theme resonated with individuals across the globe and following the release of their fifth collection, the brand is still progressing.

Encouraging the youth to stop ‘organisations dampening their fiery dreams’, Triple B pushes a motivating agenda through its branding.

“We all have a fire to create change within us. As one of our T-Shirts states: ‘We are the future of the world, We Can’t Stop We Won’t Stop, The Youth Cannot Be Tamed'”

Triple B have found themselves connecting with supporters from across the planet. People from Australia, Brazil, USA and South Korea have all copped from the Manchester label.

And, it’s no surprise why. Triple B have demonstrated that they understand trends and style.

“The warmer colours have always been a big hit with them and we’ve begun to effectively brand ourselves behind the colours of fire: red, yellow and orange.

Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 15.17.19“Most people that wear our clothes have a fiery personality, they don’t take things at face value, always opinion and we have translated that perspective into physical garments.

“Fire is bright, everything and everyone notices it, and it always leaves an impact. That is what Triple B stands for.”

Yet, the brand has had to grind to get to the position they are now. Four years of work have gone into the label.

“Triple B is everything to me, effectively starting as a form of expression, of the coming of a boy to a man, discussing topics about self-identity and circles of influence.

“It took me many years of self-learning and discipline to be able to improve collection by collection.”

And the improvements have led them to the ‘Earned Stripes’ release that represented the grind and hustle of earning respect.

The brand has hustled, continues to hustle and inspires itself on the hustle, and from an outside perspective, you can only admire that drive as they continue to connect with their evergrowing community.

Philip Ossai, on behalf of Triple B, speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Triple B (@triplebclothing).

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