‘After my cousin passed, fashion became a coping mechanism’: Wear? Magazine interviews One(6)One

Losing someone is life’s hardest task, and, that pain shapes the future of those left behind profoundly. Tk, One(6)One’s creator, knows this first hand.

Having lost his cousin, who also figured in his life as his best friend, in 2014, the then 14-year-old found fashion as a coping mechanism.

Five years later, his brand has developed into something that would’ve inspired his best mate. One(6)One has just had its third success with it ‘DROP 3HREE’ and continues to make a name for itself in streetwear.


“He was the one who helped me fall in love with the whole streetwear culture and began my journey becoming a student to the game.

“I’ve never had a formal lesson of fashion or graphic design and I mainly learnt through the lessons Kevin taught me in his room. After he passed I used YouTube & the internet to develop my skills.”

Tk developed his skill for two years, struggling to gain the self-belief to launch a fashion brand before the penny dropped.

“When I was making samples for me and my bro’s, people would start asking “what brand is that? It’s hard I want to buy some”

“We would all just flex and say it’s exclusive & only the gang have them. It helped build hype around the clothes ahead of the first collection ‘DROP 1NE'”

The brand has gone from strength to strength since then, with Tk believing that the fact One(6)One has stuck to its own individuality is a key factor of success.

“I think it’s because I don’t try to imitate others & don’t give a f*ck about trends the clothes I make are timeless.

“The clothes I release are simplistic but versatile anyone can be found in One 6 One. Also, the globe tees are collectable which allows people to follow the journey of the brand.”

One(6)One have not only stuck to their original making but garnered inspiration from their home, Britain.


With a piece featuring a British Bulldog, the label have also taken elements of drill culture to complete ‘DROP 3HREE’. Following a spell of listening to the drill genre, Tk encorporated this inspiration into his brand.

“As I was designing I was listening to loads of UK music, mainly UK Drill, which is seen in the violent undertones in some of the designs e.g. “Laser Target” Sweatshirt & “Rifle” Tee.

“I’m inspired by everything. Anything can stimulate an idea and I design very naturally when I’m inspired. I probably have 60+ tee designs ready to go & another 50+ hoodie/sweatshirt designs.”

‘DROP 3HREE’ was highly successful, but the focus is very much on the future. Some of those 60+ designs are expected to feature in the next collection, one that is polar to the previously British release.

Inspired by anime and Asian culture, Tk says ‘DROP 4***’ will feature “some of the best work yet”. A big statement, but as the brand builds on past successes, one thing is for sure, One(6)One continues to make Tk’s cousin proud.

Tk, on behalf of One(6)One, speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of One(6)One (@one_6_one).

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