Wear? Reviews: Reborn’s “AGW” Hoodie

London-based brand Reborn have been making waves for a long time now and following modelling collaborations with Graham Rono, who gave the label a shoutout in an interview with Wear? Magazine’s interview, and they have weighed in heavily with their “AGW” hoodie.

As their first hooded item, the design comes in four colourways with traditional black and white pieces, as well as navy and khaki.

“The hoodie was created out of anger and frustration. Feeling like our voice and opinions were unheard,” Reborn said.

With minimalist colour-schemes, the focus is well and truly on the design and the statement the hoodie makes, with ‘Welcome Back To Life’ repeatedly printed down the arm.

“The quote is our slogan. We had a brand before that didn’t exactly work out, hence why the slogan suggests a rebirth. We went back to the drawing board and came back to life.”

Wear? Magazine was gifted the black and white colourway to review. Here’s what we thought of it:


The branding on this hoodie is an instant hit. Clearly a product of Reborn’s without shouting it in your face, the text on the chest of the hoodie fits with the gothic aura the text down the arm promotes.

With ‘Welcome Back To Life’ screen-printed on the sleeves, the hoodie draws on images of death and darkness. Its minimal tone allows for the wearer to make a statement without suicidal interpretations.

Text, as such is on the sleeve, can push a stronger message when done so simplistically and Reborn achieves exactly this with a gothic but thin font not overpowering what the words actually say.

On the hoodie’s pouch, paint splatters, which could be interpreted as blood on the red and black design complete the piece, making it seem deconstructed, out of touch and incomplete, but in a way that works perfectly.

The splatters are handpainted which makes every hoodie unique and completely individual.

“All pieces of the identity collection are handpainted, they will look similar but won’t be the same. The same way humans may be matching and share characteristics but we won’t be the same.”

The drawstrings are some of the highest quality Wear? Magazine has had its hands on.


This item demands the wearer to match their outfit to the dark theme the hoodie creates. For the black design, all black is the must to enhance the gothic nature of the message and font. Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 18.10.40

For other colourways, they all contrast well with white, to capitalise on the hoodie’s ability to take centre stage.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. The design is gothic and may not be suited to all styles, but it is a strong statement piece despite having a very minimal colour palette.

The hoodie fits perfectly, is very high quality and has the design to match.

Shop the “AGW” Hoodie here, out now.

Thank you to Reborn for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Reborn (@rebornldn).

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