June’s featured brand of the month: The Fandango Club

Fresh of the back of their ninth DJ mix, where Rowlanz laid down over an hours worth of tech tracks, The Fandango Club are Wear? Magazine’s brand of the month for June.

Whilst pushing new artists to the forefront of their audience’s ears, the clothing brand have a lot to offer in terms of their product range as well.

From lanyards to long sleeves with beach bags, sticker packs and slipmats in between, The Fandango Club have created a complete collection with solid designs throughout.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 16.41.45The ‘Acid’ graphic puts a branded spin on a classic and recognisable image within the merger between music and fashion whilst the distorted logo work across multiple products in the range provides strong but subtle branding.

The Fandango Club separated their label from others when the ‘009: ROWLANZ’ Soundcloud mix dropped by offering their supporters free products for sharing the track on their personal Instagram stories.

And, the label didn’t hold back with people receiving two t-shirts and stickers for the promoting the Soundcloud link.

Connecting music and fashion in such a strong way has created a community of like-minded people, willing to support the brand whilst being equally rewarded for engaging with the club. In the words of one of their products: you won’t beat The Fandango Club, so you may as well ‘join them’.

Images courtesy of The Fandango Club (@thefandangoclub).


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