Wear? Picks: The top pieces from Gvnmnt’s ‘Summer ’19: Capsule 1’

London label Gvnmnt released their first summer capsule a fortnight ago and more recently dropped pieces from their collection in Cry Wolf’s store.

Featuring a range of items, including a safety green waterproof for streetwear heads to stay dry during the now soaking wet summer months.

Many pieces don Gvnmnt’s favourite 3M material whilst new colours are pushed to the forefront of the brand.

Wear? Picks takes the top, most creative pieces from the drop for you to find your next ‘must cop’.


Two colours made for each other, Gvnmnt’s ‘Global Inc’ tee partners subtle yellow branding on a backdrop of purple heavyweight cotton.

The simplistic design allows for the label’s name to hold the attention in the centre of the chest whilst the back graphic, hands cupping the world, portray and continue Gvnmnt’s recent ‘conquer the globe’ attitude, following a spree of Instagram stories teasing supporters about worldwide pop-up store locations.

The purple Pantone is certainly underutilised within streetwear and Gvnmnt’s latest collection gives people the perfect chance to add this colourway to their fit routine.


A colour that is certainly not as underused as the aforementioned purple, the fluorescent yellow sunglasses are on trend and perfect for this summer season.

Raves, day to day, festival, sports and for nights on the street, these glasses can be donned anytime and add colour to any outfit.

Thick Gvnmnt branding in the centre of the lens lets everyone know you’re coming correct.



A colourway famously used by Supreme, red and white is often avoided by many brands because of these connotations.

Yet, Gvnmnt have demonstrated their willingness to go head-to-head with these brands, confident that the quality of their designs will stand-out even when the colours can be linked to other labels.

Gvnmnt red

And, with the 3M printing across the swim shorts, this item does exactly what Gvnmnt would have wanted by appearing unique within the streetwear realm.

It’s evidently clear to see what brand those wearing these shorts are flexing as they head for a dip in the pool.


More ‘Fluo Y’ colouring coming in the form of a waterproof anorack provides a contradiction to the yellow sunglasses.

An item traditionally released in fall/winter, by releasing an anorack, the London label have shown how ahead of the times they are.

With the UK’s weather pattern a madness, rain in the summer months is highly anticipated and what better way to keep your person dry by wearing a bold Gvnmnt piece.

Images courtesy of Gvnmnt (@gvnmntclothingco)

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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