Previewing the Ronning ‘Summer 19’ Collection

One of the latest arrivals for any collection in the Summer 2019 scene, Ronning, ran by Youtuber Magnus Ronning, have announced their Summer 19 drop for 30.6.19 at 8pm.

After viewing an abundance of collections at London Fashion Week, Magnus and Ronning, his label, have offered a simplistic take on summer streetwear, with blank shirts, graphic tees and twill trousers all featuring.

Made up of 19 items, Ronning use a variety of clean colourways to create a calm aesthetic whilst allowing the quality of the fabrics to shine through.

The stand-out piece in the collection comes in the form of a bandana-inspired jacket and trouser set. With Ronning branding hidden within the white pattern, on a dark green fabric, the set is a loud and individual, as none of the patterns are 100% identical to one another.

Magnus was pictured wearing the jacket at London Fashion Week.

Alike the bandana set, a stone, contrast-stitched jacket and trousers pairing is also available. Creating cohesion, the second denim offering carries the military green in its stitching.

Two graphic tees also provide a headline for the collection with simple, retro designs taking centre stage.

Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 20.11.42.png

A white and red ringer t-shirt, with a ‘SUMMER’ and imagery of a palm tree in the sunset, comes as an item with every day in mind. Easy to style, similar to the ‘FRESH AIR’ Ronning white and green ringer, these t-shirts fit perfectly into the summer rotation.

The designs feature on the ‘Summer 19′ socks, which come free when over £200 is spent.

High-quality cargos in black or military green also feature within the range whilst there is also an updated version of the stone trousers seen in previous Ronning collections.

Slim jeans, a workers’ jacket and pink hoodie fill out more items in the range which is consistent in its Pantone’s and impressive in its design.

For a full briefing of the Ronning Summer 19 Collection, check out the video by Magnus himself below.

Images courtesy of Ronning (

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