Meet the creative that collaborated with Wimbledon: Wear? Magazine interviews Sam Nowell Studios

It’s not often that one of the world’s most historic tournaments teams up with a young creative that operates from their bedroom, but that’s exactly when Wimbledon contacted Sam Nowell.

“The Wimbledon collection was really big for me. My Grandparents are really big tennis fans and have always played. My Grandfather used to take my brother and I to his tennis and squash clubs to play.

“This collection is more for him than me in that sense. Of course, there is pressure. Wimbledon is arguably the largest English sporting event so to be part of it in even a tiny way is really exciting,” Sam told Wear? Magazine.

Working on clothes since 2017, Sam, and his ‘studio’, have made many impressive reworked garments over the years, including trousers made from Prada dust bags and Liverpool scarfs, yet his work with Wimbledon has taken his production to the next level.

The tennis tournament organiser provided him with 40 towels and tasked him to make a collection. The results were insane.

“I really wanted to work and create pieces that were in keeping with vintage tennis wear aesthetic so I did extensive research about tennis wear and how it has developed and adapted over the years.

“I looked at Tennis stars such as John McEnroe and Billie Jean King for inspiration and sort of based the look that I wanted on that style.”

Sam achieved the exact vintage style he was after, producing a jacket, cardigan, trousers, skirts, a tennis racket cover and much more.

One thing was researching and planning, another was turning thick towels into something that honours Wimbledon. That challenge didn’t phase Sam at all.

Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 23.13.13

“I aimed to create unconventional items that would never necessarily be completely practical or useful but using solely the towels.

“The towels are really high quality and working with them was a lot of fun. The collection is complete with every item featuring the iconic Wimbledon colours.”

Having seen the outcome of his work, it’s no wonder Wimbledon contacted Sam to create something for them.

The collection provides the tournament with a modern, unique twist, something that has never been seen before.

And the best bit about the whole thing? The pieces, like the vast majority of Sam’s creations, are 1 of 1, the only of its kind to exist on the earth.

Sam Nowell talking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Daniel de Jacques. (@dannydelabastide)

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