The brand that ‘The Basement’ loves: Wear? Magazine interviews Vivid Array

Setting your stall in the world of fashion at the age of 16 is extremely hard to do. A lack of funding, balancing education all at a stage of intensely personal and physical growth can daunt a lot of people.

Mason Purdy, the creative behind Vivid Arrays, didn’t feel an ounce of pressure during his brand’s early beginnings.

“I was extremely excited to enter the industry at such a young age as I had a lot less to lose, I put my full focus and effort into the brand.” Mason Purdy told Wear? Magazine.

At 16, Mason had left education behind in one of the riskiest decisions of his life to fully focus on Vivid Arrays.

“My parents were completely supportive of my decision which helped a lot, the fact that they believed in me to be able to pursue my dream gave me a big push in my career.

The brand, that had a sell-out success on their first ever drop, was funded by the money Mason earnt from long working hours and made successful thanks to the tight-knit Basement community.

“A huge amount of Vivid Array’s success is down to the Facebook community ‘The Basement’. I’ll forever be thankful to them, it’s like one huge family who are all into streetwear and the fashion industry.

“I first posted the ‘Montague Boys’ tee in The Basement and received a huge amount of good feedback, from then I created a basic website and began selling them from there.”

Tyson Tee 002

The desire to create didn’t peak or become distorted following the brand’s first success, instead, Mason used it as a learning curve, discovering a huge amount about the fashion industry that he hadn’t been aware of.

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that everyone in the industry parties a lot! Nah, I’m joking, that’s not the most important thing. I’ve realised how many creative people there are in this world.

“There are a huge amount of brands who are producing insane garments that completely go under the radar which is why I support Wear? Magazine.”

Vivid Arrays are constantly improving on their previous work, and this comes from vast research and an intense focus. Yet, there’s always been a creative drive inside of Mason, which pushes innovative quality to his brand’s supporters.

“Since a young age I’ve always been creative, I self-taught myself Photoshop and started making YouTube channels at 13-years-old, luckily I’ve deleted all these channels now to save myself the embarrassment.”

The years of creating have all been combined into a brand that has found strong support in a community of streetwear lovers, with impressive designs to match.

While Mason’s YouTube career never took off, thankfully for him, it very much looks like his brand will.

“So much time is put into the creation of every single piece, every single detail is taken into consideration, something that I believe we’re doing that isn’t seen much is the price point of our pieces in consideration of the quality.

“We are competing with high-end brands on the quality side of things at an affordable price which is something that makes us unique.”

Mason Purdy, on behalf of Vivid Arrays, speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Vivid Arrays (@vividarrayuk).

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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