Wear? Reviews: The Critically​ Acclaimed ‘Burnout’ lookbook zine

Following on from what the brand had established in 2017, Critically Acclaimed have returned in fall/winter 2018 with the Burnout capsule, a progression on their original work.

With four garments, two graphics, a button-up shirt and a lapel pin, the capsule is small but packed with substantial quality.

The lookbook, free from the Critically Acclaimed website, is a demonstration of this.

The images from the lookbook carry the viewer through various locations that fit the brand’s aesthetic and have clearly influenced the grungy, dark graphics.


Beginning in front of the metal railing of an outdoor basketball court, the first images of the ‘Never There’ graphic appears covered artistically by the staple image for the ‘Burnout’ capsule.

Turning the page, a more rock orientated, blurred visual of the second and final graphic in the collection, the ‘Burning Desire’ design, provides strong links to the grungy vibe that surrounds the whole collection.

The pink ‘Never There’ t-shirt is next displayed before a switch to more acidic patterns to accompany the yellow writing on the long sleeve ‘Burning Desire’ design.

The lookbook then moves to a local shop with a variety of images from within its confines and outside the store portraying their button-up shirt and white ‘Never There’ tee.

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 23.03.24

Then, to encapsulate the whole zine, heavy ‘Burnout’ branding and an image of the collection’s featured image on a burning poster completes the grunge aesthetic that has carried itself so strongly throughout the lookbook.

Get the zine free here.

Thank you to Critically Acclaimed for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Critically Acclaimed (@criticallyacclaimed).




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