Wear? Picks: The best items from Render Pause’s Pre-AW19 “Reboot” drop

Beginning August with a bang, Render_Pause have dropped their Autumn/Winter 19 collection, titled ‘Reboot’, providing some very tactical and utilitarian pieces.

With the range featuring 16 items, from ‘smoke-tinted tote bags’ to ‘gunmetal tactical pants’, Render_Pause’s collection involves lots of bucked straps, nylon webbing and PVC.

The colour scheme remains minimalistic, pushing the emphasis on the design and unique practicality of the pieces, as numerous items carry black, white, grey or brown Pantones.

Here are the pieces that caught Wear? Magazine’s eye.

Vintage Computer White Military Pants

Made from Poly-Cotton straight from Italy, these military pants bring together vintage and futuristic clothing.

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Hmm what’s that on the TV? 🧐

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Inspired by old computers, the pants have a slim fit with black buckles on the knee and the hem. The contrast against the white fabric allows the utility-style, which is also incorporated into the pockets, to stand out.

Back to the Future Tee

Unique to the collection, the Back to the Future inspired tee sticks out among the heavily tactical based attire.

Being the only t-shirt and the only item to carry any reference to film, the oversized piece adds colour and iconic imagery to the collection.

Smoke Tinted PVC Cross Body Bag

Individually made meaning no bag is the same, the PVC Cross Body Bag dons chrome metal detailing around the edges with a transparent body.

An accessory that allows a subtle flex of the items inside it, Render_Pause’s body bag suits high fashion as well as it suits streetwear.

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 22.18.00

Gun Metal Tactical Pants

Identical to the ‘Computer White Military Pants’, the grey variation again provides a contrast to the black clips that form the centre point of the piece.

Grey trousers are underrated in terms of their diversity and individuality in streetwear and this item allows the perfect opportunity to add the colour to your wardrobe.

Images courtesy of Render_Pause (@render_pause).

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