Wear? Reviews: New World Hub’s ‘Do What You Want’ t-shirt

New World Hub’s entry into the streetwear world is one that has covered all bases and left people wanting more.

From iconic hip-hop references to bold neon pink contrasting colours, the label have used three pieces to present a diverse range of items, along with a logo t-shirt which is a New World Hub staple piece.

In the last of three products sent to Wear? Magazine, the ‘Do What You Want’ t-shirt is perhaps the hardest of the lot.

Yellow and carrying a motivating message, here’s what we thought of the garm:


A clothing brand telling people to ‘Do What They Want’ always needs to stand behind a piece that packs a punch.

And, the yellow fabric and cigarette pack design placed on New World’s t-shirt does exactly that. Playing on how smoking is perceived in society, the t-shirt encourages individuality and freedom.

New World told Wear? Magazine: “We wanted to encourage people confidentially so we used yellow to stand out.

“Because the slogan is ‘Do What You Want’ we used a cigarette pack because of how ‘taboo’ it is nowadays, we aren’t promoting smoking but individuality in the simplest way possible, as we try with every product.”

The sketched artwork, screen printed, requires more thought than it would if it were an image of a cigarette packet, and this need to analyse the design further enhances the message behind the graphic.

It’s clear New World wants you to be yourself and this connection between the brand and consumer is one that will bring the two closer together as the label continues producing items.


Yellow is a summer colour, yet, that doesn’t mean this item can’t be built into fits throughout the year.

New World model this item with both formal grey trousers and black joggers which both work well to contrast the bold t-shirt. As long as the colour isn’t similar to yellow then there is lots to work with.


Avoid red unless you’re wanting some McDonald’s or DHL inspired fit.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. With such an excellently crafted message, that isn’t actually as obvious as the piece’s name makes it, this t-shirt has got a story and a strong design.

Yellow can be a testing colour but the minimalist design makes this product diverse in its styling, making it much easier to build into a rotation.

Shop the ‘Do What You Want’ t-shirt here, out now.

Thank you to New World for sending this product to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of New World (@newworldhub).

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