Wear? Reviews: Protection At All Costs 1/1 ‘Spray Paint T-shirt’

Military-wear label Protection At All Costs (PAAC) ‘Phase Two’ came in hot two months ago, with a collection of 1/1 items utilising neon colour palettes and utilitarian references.

With eye-catching accessories and balaclavas unlike anything else out there, PAAC have exploited a niche and are creating serious heat within it.ย The neon colouring projects the brand immensely and provides it with further individuality.

Wear? Magazine was sent a 1/1 ‘Spray Paint T-shirt’ from the drop, here’s what we thought of it:


Whilst the majority of the design figures spray painting, the first impressive aspect of this tee is in the detailed embroidery on the arm.

Yet, the most striking aspects come in the form of some expert spray painting. Bold neon orange ‘PAAC‘ finds itself emblazonedย on both the front and back of the garment whilst green targets create a link to the military theme rooted deep within the brand’s existence.


Perfectly contradicting the bright colours is a large black, distorted spider’s web on the lower backside of the design. Perhaps conveying that the targets have been ‘captured’ in the truest sense of ‘protecting yours’, the brand’s motto.


With all the neon and bold colouring, this t-shirt lends itself favourable to dark cargos that would allow the piece to stand out solely.

A black undershirt would also work in a similar way to the cargos, however, a matching neon undershirt would present a truly 1/1 fit. The t-shirts material is thick enough to cover a base layer too.

Wear or donโ€™t care?

Wear.ย This isn’t just a t-shirt, this is art. The 1/1 design, the care and accuracy of the spray painting, the stand-out features, this tee has it all.

There would be nothing similar to it if it was mass-produced, yet, it goes onto be truly individual being a custom 1/1. No one else in the world will own the exact same design and that’s why PAAC’s ‘spray paint’ tee is rated so highly.

DM PAAC on Instagram to order this item.

Thank you to PAAC for sending this product to Wear? Magazine.ย 

Images courtesy of PAAC (@protectionatallcosts).

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