The progressive collaboration: Wulf Corp x The Urban Sky Crawlers

Guest-written by George Woodburn-Baker.

Welcome to the golden age of streetwear, a period in time that’ll forever be remembered for its pointless non-stop collab-a-bus fuckery, brand interbreeding bollocks where certain labels began to hold that little creativity to come up with new ideas they instead turned to their competitors to leech off their image.

Don’t get me wrong, this does sound quite negative but I’m not all doom and gloom, there have been some heavy collaborations (*cough*, Stone Island) but there’s a lot of failure within streetwear.

A collaboration should bring the best of both parties, not be the direct product of a lazy design department for the purpose reinvigorating the profit margins of their slowly dying brand.

Brand-on-brand interbreeding did get old rather quickly, what’s stopping some more ingredients being added to the melting pot? Let’s say an independent Leeds based streetwear label, adrenaline-fuelled sports collective and Paris

“A collaboration that touches the Parisian sky”, it’s not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a clothing announcement nor is it an exact truth but its as close as you’re going to get.

This isn’t any old photography trip to Paris, this is crack for the eyes, opium for the soul, a photoshoot injected straight to its heart with some soviet cow steroids. An unexpected venture down the rabbit hole of extreme photography, I present the latest collaboration between Wulf Corp and @Fin._g.

Clinging high above the metropolitan skyline facing out unto the famous ‘City of Light’ is a group of skilled urban explorers from Southampton. The collective made this their second trip to the famous city but it was Wulf Corps first.

From an outsider’s perspective, these adrenaline-fuelled, like-minded individuals seem to have no limits when it comes to finding and shooting the next location, although their perspective on self-identity contrasts completely. They merely see themselves as friends and hobbyists sharing their passion, maybe a slight step up from plane spotting, but a hobby anyhow.

Crazy? Maybe. Risky? Potentially but the point is it brought you here, so it worked as intended. On that note, the results of this venture are here for you all to marvel at.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words then this photoshoot must surely express a million. Plus, there’s also a video link of the trip (so by that logic a trillion words) but enough words, enjoy.

Images courtesy of Wulf Corp (@wulfcorp).

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