The Convrt Studio x Sweet Tea Ivy ‘Debut’ editorial

Readying up for their third collection, Convrt Studios and Sweet Tea Ivy take it right back to the start in the latest shoot from the brand.

Attempting to help people “fill in the blanks of the brand with the emotions they’re feeling at the time whilst wearing the garms”, Sweet Tea Ivy brought his own vibe during this editorial.

Wearing the ‘Basic Hoodie’ from Convrt’s debut drop, Sweet Tea Ivy and his team put the emboldened branding to the forefront of the shoot in creative ways.

With the crew and on his ones, Ivy doubles up the underground streetwear items partnering the Convrt hoodie with Gramm’s  ‘Drop Pack’.

This collab provided Convrt with a new aesthetic interpretation and Ivy, once again, didn’t disappoint. Check out the shots below.

Images courtesy of Convrt Studios (@convrtstudio).

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