‘Creatives doing creative things’ is in essence, PROJECT GH6ST summarised. A clothing brand created by creatives as a means of expression and an encapsulation of their artistry, which is immediately evident from their brand aesthetics. 

 ‘Formed through a passion’ identifies with how PROJECT GH6ST has taken several interests and hobbies to create and develop a brand which boasts creativity, expression, innovation and a refreshing individuality.  

From streetwear and high-end fashion to creative design/art, popular culture and music, PROJECT GH6ST has used multiple close influences to fuse and create a brand with distinct and memorable attributes which are immediately noticeable from their range of content.    

Recently; as of late 2019, PROJECT GH6ST launched with their first collection of graphic t-shirts intentionally portraying their ability to express diversity in not only the aesthetic style but also being able to express meanings behind each piece.

Although purposely limiting the range to just the 3 t-shirts, to provide a glimpse into the brand’s vision, that distinct visual identity and ability to have diverse meaning amongst a limited collection, was intentional – an indication of things to come.

PROJECT GH6ST pride themselves on a meticulous focus on detail and consistent brand aesthetics throughout, from individually designed product pages and ingenious edits of current & relatable themes to hand-written notes of appreciation with every order. 


Consistent insights and ‘behind the scenes’ shots, along with personal audio/artist spotlights used all help ‘tell a narrative and story’.

‘Journal’ entries help blog the ongoings of the label, discussing updates, news, upcoming releases and more. 

These additions do not go unnoticed and all integrate towards the brand’s image and projecting its vision.

So far, PROJECT GH6ST have ticked all the right boxes as a growing brand and although the growth is inevitable, the real excitement is how and to what scale the growth can reach.

You can check out everything we’ve highlighted plus keep updated with the latest from PROJECT GH6ST on their Instagram and website, below: 

A feature provided by Project Gh6st.

All images courtesy of Noire Homme.

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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