The British-American streetwear label: Wear? Magazine interviews DK2A

There’s a lot of differences between American and British culture, many of which are highlighted in a never-ending Twitter discourse between both sides of the Atlantic.

Yet, streetwear is a place that doesn’t discriminate and the merger between cultures can produce impressive results. In this specific case, the creation of DK2A.

Originally titled ‘Dakota’, the brand quickly found itself holding the ‘DK2A‘ name. Why? The owner, Ryan, states that it gives his label a “more unique take”.

This interpretation comes due to an “interest in America as a whole, but in particular, Dakota”.

For a Welsh label, an American heritage isn’t the first connection a consumer would assume.

“The inspiration America gives us bright colours and the best quality. The American skate and hip hop scene guide the vision a lot.”

Taking their motivation from this culture has seen DK2A create pieces that stand out. Bold fonts, logos, and eye-catching items give customers a unique fit at all times.

“I want people to feel like they’re wearing something that has been well thought out combined with great quality garments.

“The idea to start the brand by wanting to put my own twist on street fashion at affordable prices.”

At first, this vibe took a minute to take off. The first drop started slow, Ryan admits, but after a week, the ‘Dakota Wave Logo tee’ had fully sold out. A great debut.

And, DK2A seek to advance on this success, experimenting with different styles and techniques.

“There’s lots planned for this year for DK2A, pigment dyed pieces, more embroidery and a lot more people should be looking out for!”

DK2A speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of DK2A (@dakota.dk2a).

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