Los Angeles, heritage and streetwear: Wear? Magazine interviews ROSE

Heritage means a lot to streetwear brands and that integrity can shape the course of their creations, the foundations of ROSE align heavily to this.

A brand that stands on links to its hometown and background that has given it the vision it presents.

“We wanted to have a name that could be tied into creativity, as we grow and evolve over time.

“We had a few other names in mind, but ROSE felt like the perfect choice — very simple and straight to the point since it’s connected with the city I was raised in.”

The label’s creation, on 29 June 2017, paves way for the 629 (the 29th day of the six month) addition whilst ROSE pay homage to Los Angeles, ‘the city of the roses’.

“The idea of ROSE originally came to me when I was in high school. I knew that I wanted to make something unique but didn’t know what exactly I wanted to make.”


An upbringing surrounded by music, fashion, anime and video games has helped shape the individuality of the label.

Fusing together all the aforementioned surroundings, the brand has a creative direction that spans way further than just clothes.

“In the past, the events that we threw had live performances, music, and the clothing set up. Clothes, music, and film all stand-alone very strongly, but they still complement each other when it’s brought together.

“The brand is all about innovating and bringing abstract ideas to life from our point of view. It’s the bigger picture, the tree that branches down into other sub-genres of art that we are tied too.”

If there’s one thing that’s had an equal effect on the brand as it’s youth, it’s the city of LA.

“Honestly, Los Angeles has had such a big impact on me, and it probably affects the ways that I create and I haven’t even realized it yet.

“LA pushes me to keep moving forward because the opportunities are endless out here; I have access to almost anything but at the same time it is extremely competitive and oversaturated, so I just gotta make sure I stay in my lane and keep working.”


The city enhances the brand and off the back of this its use of colours and noticeable implementation of unorthodox designs, ROSE have created a strong aura.

The date reference, 629, is at the heart of this.

“629 isn’t just a date, it’s the day ROSE was made, our origin, I guess you could call it a tag?

“The numbers tell multiple stories. The numbers represent the start of a process that changes and evolves with the culture surrounding the brand.

“Some people address the brand as ROSE and others say 629. They are the same thing, but they aren’t — different, but not separate. It’s hard to explain, and I’m not ready to explain it yet.”

If ROSE’s previous work and high production are anything to go by, the wait will certainly be worth it.

ROSE speaking to Wear? Magazine. This interview is part one of two. 

Images courtesy of ROSE (@629la).

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